Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ID is Creatiionism? Not according to Answers in Genesis

This is Answers in Genesis's (YEC) critique of the ID movement.


Adam Omelianchuk said...

Is there a response somewhere from an ID person to any of this?

Alethes Ginosko said...

this is not a direct response, but he mentions Wielands article.


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Far Cry said...

If you read William Dembski's introduction to Mere Creation, which I would the ab orignine description for ID, I think you will find it in agreement with all of AiG's statements.

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a new post introducing Van Til for my fiends who have never heard of him is coming up.

Far Cry said...

That should read - 'my friends who have never heard of him'.

Not knowing who Van Til is does not necessarily mean you are a fiend. :)

HiveMaker said...

"Our concern with the intelligent design approach probably devolves upon two main factors. First, it is ineffective, no more convincing to evolutionists than is young-earth creationism; second, it is not really a new approach, using basically the same evidence and arguments used for years by scientific creationists but made to appear more sophisticated with complex nomenclature and argumentation." (emphasis added) -- Henry Morris, Institute for Creation Research