Thursday, August 17, 2006

Steve Hays and Jason Engwer on Jesus Beyond the Grave

I am presenting a link to this review of Jesus Beyond the Grave, though its in-your-face tone is certainly not one that I would adopt.


Anonymous said...

Victor, I am an atheist, and am accustomed to Christians heckling and ridiculing me because of it, like Hays and his gang of Triabloggers. It is quite a turn-off, and it seems to me that they indulge in their condescension in order to compensate for something missing in their arguments. I'm curious, however, why you would make a point of not adopting their tone. Could you post on this at some point? (Or have you already?)

Mitchell L.

Anonymous said...


I'm an atheist and I'm embarrassed for most of my atheist cohorts.

Steve and his team make the debunking x-ianity guys look like a bunck of hacks.

When one reads their posts, weak arguments backed by bad attitude, I can understand why the triablogue guys act the way they do. It' kind of how I get frustrated with my puppy.

Victor Reppert said...

Anonymous: I already did. See "on comments" earlier this month.

Edwardtbabinski said...

Vic, I would suggest setting your blog so it does not accept "anonymous" comments. Another benefit of disabling anonymous comments, is that if you don't, then someone may link to other users' profile pages without logging in as them, even logging in as you (or I) for instance (I won't tell you how it's done, but I've seen it done, and know for a fact it can be done), and saying things in your name you wouldn't ordinarily say or even want said.

Also, the second "anonymous atheist" who left a comment on your blog is obviously a troll seeking to add no content other than name-calling to your blog.