Monday, August 28, 2006

When the Heart Gets What it Wants

Chuck Colson on Woody Allen.


Anonymous said...

He's a New Yorker. They're all neurotic.

Seriously though, not all atheists are depressive. And even if the atheistic worldview is sometimes grey, would you prefer living a lie? I mean, my daughter believes there are fairies in the garden and it makes her happy but it's delusional and one certainly hopes she'll outgrow it.

Dan Dufek said...

qI am always amazed when atheist compare belief in God with beliefs such as fairies, spaghetti monsters etc. This sort of carciture does nothing other than red herring the discussion when it hits a little too close to home. The point of the story about Woody Allen is the same for all atheists if they were consistent. There is no epistemic foundation for meaning and purpose in the atheistic worldview.

Anonymous said...

What a schmuck that Colson is. He should at least get his facts straight. Soon-Yi was adopted by Mia Farrow.