Thursday, August 17, 2006

This is not acceptable

John Loftus and Ed Babinksi have informed me that on The Discomfitter's website (which I take it is a parody site of Debunking Christianity) there was a comment put on in Loftus' name identifying himself as a homosexual pedophile. I looked at the site and found what they were talking about. And apparently it does link to Loftus' profile. Can anyone explain to me how this could have happened? I have no idea as to who's responsible for this, and it is particularly disturbing to me that this would have been done by a Christian. It does raise the specter of people using our names to put bogus messages on blogs.

Parody and humor have their place in religious dialogue, but this is about 50 yards over the line. I'm willing to listen to explanations, but if I don't get a good explanations soon I will have to do the only thing I can do (besides point this out), and that would be to ban the Discomfitter from Dangerous Idea.

In the real world, people want to know what your creed does to your character.

P.S. Because this post has been trolled, I am closing this entry to comments, and eliminating the ones that are there, only adding that probably Loftus should not accuse anyone in particular. I think it is someone having fun at everyone's expense. I am not going to ban anyone at this time, including the Discomfitter.