Thursday, August 24, 2006

How not to be a compassionate conservative, or where is Apollo Creed when we need him?

This is from Nick Burbules' blog:


Awww . . . . a heartwarming story. Poor homeless man drives all the way from Louisiana to Washington DC in his FEMA trailer to plead the needs of Katrina victims before President Bush. Even better: he’s a white guy named Rockey (not one of those angry blacks down there). Except, hmm . . it wasn’t a FEMA trailer. And he’s a former chief executive of a company, not just your average Joe. And, uh, the Bush people INVITED him. And, well, yeah, he’s a former Republican candidate for office down there. And, waddya know, he seems mostly to have come to say “I wish we could have Bush for four more years.” Isn’t that a SWEET way to celebrate the anniversary of the disaster, and deflect criticism of Bush’s inaction and obliviousness at the time of the catastrophe?

VR: I'm sorry. People who care don't pull political publicity stunts like this. I grew up in Arizona and was a child when Barry Goldwater was running for President. Bush is supposed to be motivated by both Christian and conservative principles. I don't think that Christianity or conservatism is well-served by leaders whose policies seem to be "Do whatever benefits big business the most."

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