Monday, August 21, 2006

Where is the harsh review of Ann Coulter's Godless?

I was over at the Secular Web and didn't see what I expected to, a harsh, sarcastic review of Ann Coulter's best-seller Godless. What is the matter with you people?

I did find some stuff over at Panda's Thumb, though.


Blue Devil Knight said...

They should at least provide a link to this excellent group of three articles that critiques Coulter's creationist cackling. I am impressed this guy took the time out of his day to do it: her hysteria is the kind that academic biologists/philosophers foolishly take to be beneath their comment.

Lippard said...

Also Media Matters, Pharyngula,
Rude Pundit, etc.

Lippard said...

BTW, Victor, you can count this as an Internet Infidels commentary on Coulter's book.

Victor Reppert said...

Oh that's what I forgot to check. The Secular Outpost. Thanks. I hate to say it, but I think the ID movement is attracting the wrong sorts of friends.

Anonymous said...

You want to limit 'membership' based off of how appealing you find their beliefs to be? I don't agree with Wells' beliefs but he's entitled to have them. And if he still has something of importance to add to the discussion then why not let him talk.

But your approach of attacking the person to undercut any legitimacy of their claims is pathetic.
I wouldn't support an ID proponent who did that with their opposition, and I hope that those who affiliate with your views don't support you either.

"When has the ID movement not attracted "the wrong kind of friends"?"
This comment is rude and very short-sighted.
If you can't get a handle on your emotions to discussion these topics in a manner that at least has some civility, then possibly you might want to focus on another topic.

Victor Reppert said...

We had some discussion of these sorts of claims regarding ID a year ago. I don't support the effort to get ID into public schools, and while I think it logically possible to pose the question of design to science, I have some bones to pick with the way many ID advocates go about it. Politicizing the issue is the wrong move, and the political right has already ticked off the scientific community enough by opposing stem-cell research and rejecting the evidence for global warming. To ID fans I say, forget the school boards, forget political commentators, and do it the hard way by making a concerted appeal to the scientific community. If you're right, your day will come.

At the same time, I find the shrill guilt-by-association arguments by people like Forrest and Gross to be equally unjustified. I don't think ID is part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.