Sunday, August 19, 2018

What if?

Trump says he would retain his support if he were to go to Fifth Avenue and shoot people. But what if he were to sign an amnesty bill, or a single payer health plan.

Trump has no conservative principles, even though he gets conservative results. So if it were ever in his interests to do these things, (for example, facing a Democratic Congress about to impeach him), he might say "Look, I do deals. My VP, he's got conservative principles, so he will veto everything you try to put through. I don't have such principles, so for heaven's sake don't impeach me. 


Starhopper said...

We now know (as of yesterday) that our president is a crook, guilty of multiple federal felonies. This cannot be denied. The only people who may now disagree with that statement are those who, along with Giuliani, believe that "truth isn't truth." To deny that our president is a criminal is to deny objective reality. At this point, the only conceivable defense of the president is to say "I don't care."

Kevin said...

Like any other crime or defendant, I'll wait until he is given a conviction in a court following a fair trial before declaring it an undeniable fact. Cohen isn't exactly reputable.

I figure Trump did in fact do it, but I can't say I know something as an undeniable fact when, in fact, I wasn't there to be able to know.

Starhopper said...

But in your heart, you know he's guilty, guilty, guilty!

Kevin said...

Well if you held a gun to my head and demanded I make a bet, I'd say guilty. Or if you held a bat over my car. Or if you threatened to take the lettuce out of my fridge.

There does seem to be contention over whether it could be deemed an actual criminal violation, so I'll wait and see. Given what others have gotten away with, it wouldn't surprise me.

Starhopper said...

Here is a thought provoking article that offers some insight on why Trump's blatant criminality doesn't seem to faze his supporters.

Kevin said...

I like how the article says that Cohen gave "admissions" and "revelations", but the girl was only allegedly murdered by the illegal alien. Love the objectivity in connotative choices.

The rest seemed to be garbage. That's not how any conservative I have ever met thinks. And I'm surrounded by them.

SteveK said...

Here's another 'What if' question. What if the Pope did what he has recently been accused of? Should he resign?

Starhopper said...

Bishop Viganò is a homophobic (a word I do not use lightly) bigot. If it came to a choice between the loving, spirit-filled, inclusive, charismatic Pope Francis and the hate-filled, exclusive, batten-down-the-hatches, mean spirited Viganò, I think I know which side I'd be on.

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