Friday, August 24, 2018

A voice from the past

Egil Krogh, one of the conspirators, speaks regretfully of the Ellsberg break-in, an attempt to punish free speech during the Nixon administration. He wondered if these lessons from the past were lost on the Bush administration.


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

on Bush? yea that Bush wow. glad he;snot in now.

David Duffy said...

From the article:

"At no time did I or anyone else there question whether the operation was necessary, legal or moral."

Why did this guy not question? What was so childish about him that he couldn't question? We live in a democracy, it's not like he had to stand up to Robert Mugabe. Now that it's popular to find a moral compass on Watergate, this guy is showing his virtue?

What a jackass! If he wants to lecture me, why didn't he do something when he had the chance?

We can only take our moral stands in the moment where we can make a choice. Taking a moral stand is messy and filled with uncertainty. But at least it's better than being lectured to by someone who could have done something and did nothing. Sounds like another liberal jackass.

CoryHales said...

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