Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rod Dreher's Sex After Christianity



Ilíon said...

For all that Dreher may have gotten right, his analysis (and all like it) keep overlooking the fact that it's not really the case that "[g]ay-marriage proponents succeeded so quickly because they showed the public that what they were fighting for was consonant with what most post-1960s Americans already believed about the meaning of sex and marriage"

"Gay" mirage was not chosen by "the public", it was imposed upon us by anti-Christian rulers.

John B. Moore said...

Wait - I thought Christianity was all about receiving forgiveness of your sins, but now this guy says Christianity is about abstaining from sex for the sake of an orderly society. So which is it?

Surely there are more sins than just sexual sins. If I remember correctly, lust was just one of the seven deadly sins, and not the worst of them.

Ilíon said...

You can't really read, can you?