Friday, March 11, 2016

A book entitled "A new kind of apologist"


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Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I am sorry to disparage it and sound arrogant but I don't see much there's anew kind of apologetics. It's like pretty cliché to me.

I am sorry to sound arrogant but I have a new apologetics. my book is ground breaking. the body of academic work I use is from psychology of religion it's virtually unknown to philosophers or theologians. Empirical scientific peer reviewed published in journals.

Copleston dropped the experience argument in debate with Russell because he could not get past the subjective label. Had he had my studies he could have taken Russell down with that argument. It is not subjective any more. Now we can establish what is real mystics experience and who has had one. That means we can prove the effectives of it upon people who have them We have done that There's a body of work of 50 years doing that. That proves that religious experience is good for you. From there I build three God arguments .I can also take down the neuroscience bit reducing the presence of God to brain chemistry.

Problem is no one cares. It's not on a big name publisher and William Lame Craig doesn't say to read it so no one does. The one's who do are people who know me from message boards or read my website, the JP Holding crowd. That's ok I like JP but I wish it could make headway with academics. I wanted all my life to be a scholar. I was one at one time. But they don't want new apologetics.They want the five proofs.