Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dualism persists in the science of mind



Ilíon said...

"Dualism persists in the science of mind"

How can it not? Get rid of the dualism and you get rid of the possibility of "the science of mind". What, should "the science of mind" be like exobiology, a "science" without subject-matter?

Dave Duffy said...

Dr Reppert,

Are you interested in what an average guy, with no special training in the vocabulary, has to say about the linked document? The title and abstract is interesting to me. I'm willing to read and try to understand if you think it worth the time to help me sort out the ideas.

Joe Hinman said...

I am not sure how important those findings are. All they say is that the common co caption pretty much ,mirrors the break down in scientific understanding of brain/mind. I am not sure what it implies.

There is a way to have monism and keep mind. Make it all mind. In that view the physical would not have to be illusory but it would really be a construct of mind. Critics might call that illusory. It's kind of a Bereyelian move or even Newtonian.