Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Is the God of Sikhism personal?

This turns out to be a difficult question. I looked at Wikipedia and it said

One God: - There is only one God who has infinite qualities and names (pantheism). God is Creator and Sustainer - all that you see around you is His creation. He is everywhere, in everything. He is without birth or death, and has existed before Creation and will exist forever. Sikhism does not acknowledge an anthropomorphic God. This is true to the extent than one can interpret Him as the Universe Itself. Sikhism also does not acknowledge the belief of a Personal God, as does Christianity. Instead, God is usually interpreted as being unfathomable, yet not unknowable.

The Sikh Missionary Society's website said:

Sikhism believes in a personal God. The devotee is compared to a bride yearning for union with her husband and waiting on his pleasure to do his bidding. 

Can anyone who knows a litte more about this than I do shed some light on this?  

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Timothy David said...

What do you mean by personal? Are you asking if the Sikh God is a distinct personality or are you asking if He involves Himself personally in individual human lives? God, after all, might be a distinct personality who nonetheless does not involve Himself in individual human lives.