Monday, November 30, 2009

Gosh. Is my argument really that strong???

The theist in this debate presents the argument from reason, and the atheist.....forfeits!


Nick said...

Gosh. Is my argument really that strong???

Uh, no.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he is the best opponent.

Walter said...

As an agnostic I will say that your argument is one of the better ones for God.

I don't think that it is strong enough to make atheists run for the hills.

Clayton Littlejohn said...

I can imagine forfeiting a debate like that because the opponent is either annoying or the exchange isn't productive. A beret suggests that the first condition might have been a contributing factor.

Anonymous said...

If the exchange wasn't productive, it was only because the atheist in his opening statement, rather than present some good arguments, decided to tell the theist he was defining "God" the wrong way. That's lame.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was quite the ass-whuppin'.

Timothy David said...

I could imagine myself forfeiting in a debate if I didn't understand the argument and needed time to reflect on it further.

Apologician said...

Wow, you sure notice things rather quickly!

Blue Devil Knight said...

Indeed it is that strong.

Good example of the old truism

bullet chess: standard chess

That dude's flag just fell, so he loses. Put a 0 in his column.

Victor Reppert said...

I can think of some real garbage openings that will almost certainly befuddle a bullet opponent.

Unknown said...

"1. No belief is rationally inferred if it can be fully explained in terms of nonrational causes"

Rationally inferred? Is not every inferrence rational? Or are there any irrational inferrences? Is computer reasoning irrational or rational?

bossmanham said...


In a purely naturalistic framework, to talk of rationality would be meaningless. Since our cognitive faculties are geared for survival, not rationality or truth, we have no reason to think any of our beliefs are true, even the belief in naturalism.

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