Thursday, December 03, 2009

A link to some C. S. Lewis recordings


philip m said...

Not gonna lie, kind of ruins Lewis for me.

kbrowne said...

That's interesting, philip m. How did you expect him to sound?

philip m said...

Well, a voice is a very hard thing to describe - but we shall say, at the very least, I did not expect it to sound like that.

His voice is sort of clunky, and of a higher air than I thought it would be. Thinking of the picture where he is lighting his pipe, I wouldn't have been surprised if his voice had been very deep.

I suppose there just seems to be a certain element that, after having read his slow yet eloquent way of writing and having seen pictures of him, doesn't seem to fit very well.

Ironically, perhaps only Lewis's writing talent could adequately put how his voice doesn't seem to fit. :-)

Unknown said...

I expected him to sound even just a little bit like he was from Northern Ireland.

Gordon Knight said...

Another thing: its hard to see why the Virgin Birth is IMPORTANT.

Suppose its true. what difference does it make for the Christian faith? suppose its false, again what difference does it make.

As far as I can tell, it ought to affect one's faith about as much as agreeing that Mathew and Luke (or one of them, anyway) got their geneologies mixed up.

Anonymous said...

"His voice is sort of clunky, and of a higher air than I thought it would be."

Tolkien is said to have modelled the Ents' voices on Lewis's voice.