Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Bill Vallicella is such a Hot Ticket on the Party Circuit

I was wondering if Bill had seen that he had been referenced in Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar, Understanding Philosophy through Jokes. He had, as you can tell from the link.

This is the reference:

Contemporary philosopher William Vallicella writes, "Metaphilosophy is the philosophy of philosophy. It is itself a branch of philosophy, unlike the philosophy of science, which is not a branch of science, or the philosophy of religion, which is not a branch of religion."
It is statements like this that have made Vallicella such a hot ticket on the party circuit.

Well, not only did I get this book in my Christmas stocking, but it's been assigned for one of the courses I'm teaching!

If only I could become that famous.


Anonymous said...

He does know


Victor Reppert said...

That was what I linked to.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I took the "I wonder if..." in your post to be original. My bad.

J said...

The Mav-P's appeared to switched gears lately: no only Ayn Rand and Airystotle, but the Boodha too! The Guru Mav.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Most people don't expect links to be titles of posts. They usually expect them to be in the body. I've seen confusion here about that fairly frequently.

NormaJean said...

someone bought me that book at a work gift exchange lol