Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why politics and religion are dinner table don'ts

And yes, I swiped the phrase "dinner table don'ts" from a blog of that name, to which I link.

•When born-again Uncle Joe and atheist Uncle Jim get together at the dinner table during Thanksgiving, why do we not look forward to a stimulating debate about religion? Probably because we offend one another by making it about the person who are atheists and born-again Christians, rather than about theism or Christianity. Same goes for politics. Uncle Charlie is a dyed in the wool conservative who listens to 15 hours of Limbaugh every week. Uncle Bill is a Democrat who thinks Bush was evil and Obama will be wonderful. Looking forward to the debate while you eat your turkey? No? If these guys would just lay off the ad hominems, it might actually be fun to listen to.

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