Monday, June 15, 2009

Keith Parsons reviews Ruse's Can a Darwinist Be A Christian

A redated post.


Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Plantinga really is so strongly opposed to evolution. Quite often he's labeled the posterboy of philosophical creationism but I have never seen him taking a clear position on this issue in any of his professional work.
It's worth noting that in the passage cited in the article Plantinga makes clear that he's not talking from a professional point of view on the issue of evolution and that he isn't an expert in the field.
In his essay Evolution and Design he even outlines different ways in which christian faith and evolution can be combined. In his Biola lecture on EAAN he said that a theist "may indeed endorse some form of evolution; but if she does, it will be a form of evolution guided and orchestrated by God."
All things considered I think Ruse and Parson are building up a strawmen based on incomplete knowledge of the sources and then tear it down.

Anonymous said...

There once was a complete lecture by Ruse on this topic uploaded on YouTube, but I fear it has been taken down.