Monday, June 22, 2009

Mary Anne Warren's defense of abortion

But does it defend too much, such as infanticide?


Steven Carr said...

Does abortion lead to a greater good?

If not, why does God allow abortion?

Ilíon said...

Possibly for the same reason that he allows you to keep spouting the same non-sense and/or drivel, even after your error has been patiently (and repeatedly) explained to you.

Now here's an irony: this post brought to you by "hoping" (that being the "word verification" word).

One Brow said...

I think attempts to remove the right to live from fetuses are of questionable worth.

Ilíon said...

But whence comes this right? And whence the standard by which the judgment of worthiness is made? And just what is that standard?

Ilíon said...

And what is it that makes VR's question ["But does it defend too much, such as infanticide?"] even meaningful?

VR's question assumes that infanticide is "too far." But, what does that mean?