Friday, May 26, 2006

Go Suns

I have been following the NBA playoffs, and as a Phoenix native, am of course partial to the Phoenix Suns. They have been left for dead on the side of the road several times this season, but under the leadership of league MVP Steve Nash, they keep coming back. I wish I could provide some links to some articles at the beginning of the season wondering if they would be an eighth seed in the playoffs this year, or if they would miss it entirely, since Amare Stoudemire was going to be out for most of (it ended up being all of) the season. Now they are up one on the Mavericks. To get a sense of this accomplishment, imagine the Spurs without Duncan or the Mavericks without Nowitzki. Would either of those teams be in the Western Conference finals?

Well, enough bragging. I have no idea when, or if, this will all end for the Suns. But it's been a fun ride so far.


Alethes Ginosko said...

Living in Memphis I favor the Grizzlies...although, basketball isn't really my game. FOOTBALL(american) is where it's at. Go Raiders! >:-D

Blue Devil Knight said...

Watching Nash is always a pleasure. I am hoping for a Miami/Phoenix showdown.

Blue Devil Knight said...

The comments link on your "Lewis is a jerk" post is busted.

Calling atheism a "boy's philosophy" is, on the face of it, is a hurtful discussion-stopper, something I can imagine a stupid parent telling their intelligent inquisitive child.

On the other hand, perhaps it was a case of turnabout as fair play. I know a lot of atheists loudly claim that theists simply haven't matured past a childish world of make-believe (we constantly make allusions to Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, etc). This must be a tiresome claim to confront, and is as insulting as calling them a little child.

Also, it may be important to remember that he speaks of himself when he pokes fun at atheists, so perhaps he has some license to poke fun at his previous self. For him, atheism was a previous point in his intellectual development, a less matured point, so his psychological claim makes some sense.

At any rate, his quips make nice bumper stickers, and qua bumperstickers they are ad hominems, not really deserving serious consideration. Appealing only to children, really. :)

Anonymous said...

Your Suns team has been quite impressive the last two seasons. However, to help keep you humble it is important to remember that the Lakers are the greatest team in NBA history. They have won 14 NBA titles (5 in Minneapolis and 9 in LA). Since coming to LA in 1960, they have played in the finals 22 times in 45 years. The once champion Celtics haven't reached the finals since 1987.