Monday, May 15, 2006

Also from Gretchen Passantino

There is an insidious rumour circulating that I have "abandoned apologetics," am no longer in ministry, have retired, left Christian work, or something like that. I don't know where this false rumour started, what skewing of reality it is based on, or how widespread it has become, but it is very important that this vicious attack of the enemy is stopped in its tracks! The millions of people who reject the gospel & have had their consciences pricked by more than 30 years of Passantino/Answers In Action apologetics would like nothing better than to silence the truth & keep it from those who are genuinely seeking help. I am not a paranoid conspiracist or demon chaser, but the Bible says that the principalities & powers thrive on lies, gossip, character assasination, deceit, misdirection, & illusion. I do not care for myself, but for those who are prevented from receiving ministry through Answers In Action because the Enemy has obscured its light behind a cloud of falsehood.

Those who read our monthly newsletter, regularly benefit from our continually expanding website, enjoy my classes & lectures, receive help by e-mail or phone, alert to our upcoming events through our website calendar, attend Mars Hill Club, & who see God working daily through Answers In Action know that this rumour is a lie.

What especially saddens & surprises me is that my supporters, friends, & colleagues have a much better than average appreciation for evidence & sound argumentation, & yet some have apparently fallen for this unsubstantiated gossip & haven't even thought to check it out.

Let me say clearly, unequivocally, & adamantly: I am completely committed to working for God's kingdom in the field he prepared for me more than 30 years ago &, God willing, I will never take my hand from the plow or look back until I have breathed my last breath. Answers In Action is alive, vibrant, moving forward vigorously in fulfillment of its vision statement & will continue to do so.

If you have heard this rumour, track it back to its source & squash it! You know me well enough to know that if time & energy constraints force me to choose between defending myself & defending the gospel, I will ignore personal attacks & throw myself into the gospel, so I am counting on you to help turn this vicious lie away while I keep focused on doing what God called me to do. With your continued support & prayers, the plans of the Enemy to trivialize truth will fail. Rebuke anyone you know who repeats this rumour or speculates on my commitment or fitness and challenge them to contact me directly for the truth.

Now that I've responded & appealed for your help, there's work to be done for the Lord.

Blessings in Christ,
Gretchen Passantino

PS -- My husband Pat's hard work, encouragement, love, care, protection, wisdom, & partnership is the God-given source of my confidence & enthusiasm for the future of this ministry.


Edwardtbabinski said...

I suspect that part of the reason Gretchen has a PR problem convincing fellow Christians that she is genuinely one of them is based partly on the way she debunks many Christian urban myths and fearing mongering excesses:

Satanism and Satanic Ritual Abuse
[Debunked by Gretchen]

Answers In Action Urban Legend Articles [Debunekd by Gretchen]

Gretchen even has an article at her website that comes out in favor of skepticism regarding the ossuary of James.

The folks at the Wittenberg Door
have a problem similar to Gretchen's in getting a majority of Christians to agree that are their fellows, since they debunk Christians who are faith healers or promoters of extravagant promises and miraculous claims.

Unknown said...

I am looking over your endorsement of Witness Lee. I think you were taken in.Witness Lee Apostle was an of Confucius
Implanting the demon of the Yin/Yang by taking his Chinese background and wrapping it around the Bible has attracted the supposed Christians to his local church doctrine.
Beginning the practice of the local church one is taught how to breath in and out repeating over and over, “Oh! Lord Jesus” coming to be possessed by the Demons as well when they learn how to pray read without the understanding. One slips into the power of the principality of the demons in China when one ignores the letter and falls into the singsong of the spell of prayer reading. This brings slavery of the person to the organization started by Witness Lee. By the subterfuge we know that the Recovery movement is an antichristian cult who at the root builds hatred for all the rest of Christianity and all those that are not under their Yin/Yang demonic spell.

mjr said...

Gretchen Passantino Coburn is an arrogant wolf in sheeps clothing who attacks fellow believers with cause unrepentively, and whose research is unprofessional and sorely lacking credability. She is considered a joke by her peers of fellow Christian Apologists, the majority of whom do not like her. Neither do I. The only thing she is successful at is flushing AIA down the toilet with her unchristlike behavior after her late husband Bob's death. Clearly he carried her all those years. The wise will dismiss her.

mjr said...

oops, I meant without cause

Unknown said...

Mjr, do you have some sort of proof to this accusation? This is not yet a condemnation, but I think that such an accusation deserves substance to back it. I believe that if these allegations are proven as true then the apologist and evangelical community should know.