Tuesday, June 21, 2005

To ID or not ID

With respect to the ID debate, both with respect to the viewpoint discrimination issues, and the plausibilty of the claims of ID itself, people are going to have to make up their own minds. On the Caldwell v. Scott issue, Angus Menuge suggests a posting at


Also, Dembski responds to a lot of the common criticisms of ID in his book The Design Revolution, put out by Inter-Varsity Press.

I'm personally sympathetic to ID, but I can't say that I am up to defending their arguments myself.

I did notice on thing on the Panda's Thumb website. I kept looking for an ID defender to step forward, and no one did. Now either the strength of the case at the Panda's Thumb is so overwhelming that no one can gainsay it, or something is preventing people who disagree from posting comments. Here at Dangerous Idea, I'm proud to say, we don't have that problem. Both sides of issues, I believe, are getting good representation, and most of the dialogue has been courteous.


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Steven Carr said...

Are ID detection programs an attempt to take a physical object and discover if it contains information, knowing nothing about the intentions of the designer?

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