Monday, June 20, 2005

Lippard responds to Menuge

In response to

1. Richard Sternberg is a creationist who published a very bad ID
article by Stephen Meyer in a journal of taxonomy even though the
article had nothing to do with taxonomy, and he didn't follow the
journal's own review standards prior to that publication. Further,
Meyer's article is not original, but is mostly composed of previously
published but uncited material by Meyer and other authors. This has
been discussed in great detail at The Panda's Thumb blog:

2. The Leonard case is clearly not a case of persecution--though it
does appear to be a case of serious ethical failings on the part of ID proponents. How can a legitimate Ph.D. in science education on
teaching evolution be awarded to someone with no one with any
expertise in science or evolution on his dissertation committee?
Leonard clearly stacked the deck--his dissertation committee has two
people with no expertise in science or education, but both happen to
be ID supporters.

3. ID is a political and religious movement. The Wedge strategy originally said that the science would be done before the PR and political aspects, but that turned out to be inconvenient--the science still hasn't been done, but they've moved full steam ahead into PR and politics.

Jim Lippard