Thursday, March 16, 2023

We are on the wrong road



David Duffy said...

My daughter and youngest child is studying to be an RN. For the last two summers she's been working at a youth camp in the infirmatory. Her job is to have all the kids check in their medications and then distribute them as needed.

She told me, without compromising any confidence, "Dad, you will not believe how many medications kids are taking, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and many other drugs."

She goes out several times a day to distribute the drugs. We have really screwed up the next generation.

One Brow said...

My youngest has been on medications since he was 14. My third-youngest objected to taking the medications, and left home rather than take them. She was, and still is, prone to severe bouts of anger. She went for two years. She still breaks every phone she is given, and stills punches people when she's angry. Back when we were young, people like her were expelled from school rather than medicated. Is that the better choice?

David Duffy said...

One Brow,

From your comments here I understand you love your kids. It’s difficult being a parent.

I know that didn’t answer your question but I will leave it at that.

One Brow said...

David Duffy,

Thank you. People have always been difficult, and force difficult decisions on others.

bmiller said...

People should be free right? Free to do what?

Let people kill themselves? Or should we help them live?