Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Left on abortion

 This is where the left has gone on abortion, and pro-abortion extremism is toxic. 

They are so afraid of people who get abortions being "stigmatized" that they stigmatize people who disapprove of abortion, or refuse to get them in the face of pregnancy difficulties. Newsflash: Being disapproved of is a part of life, and abortion is a serious moral issue.



David Duffy said...

Once people superstitiously believe they can mind read others thoughts, or better, instantly pretending to know another's motivation (racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia) they believe in thought crimes.

It's all part of the secular superstition of the Left.

One Brow said...

She was just standing there quietly, and a police officer randomly asked her what she was thinking? Color me skeptical.

bmiller said...


She was guilty. They literally outlawed prayer, not just free speech.

This includes but is not limited to graphic, verbal or written means, prayer or counselling.

One Brow said...

She claims she offered nothing verbal nor in writing.

Martin said...

Is it the Left (c)? Or overzealous/stupid/bureaucratic cops?

bmiller said...

During the incident, a West Midlands Police officer told the campaigner that he had to caution her and then asked her: 'What are you here for today?'

'Physically, I'm just standing here,' Ms Vaughan-Spruce, from Malvern, Worcestershire, replied.

'Why here of all places? I know you don't live nearby,' the officer asked.

She responded: 'But this is an abortion centre.'

The officer said: 'Okay, that's why you're stood here. Are you here as part of a protest? Are you praying?'

She denied she was protesting but when asked if she was praying she said: 'I might be praying in my head, but not out loud.'

The officer then arrested her on suspicion of failing to comply with a public spaces protection order - an arrest which sparked online debate.