Sunday, August 13, 2017

Slagle on abortion and straw men

Jim Slagle on abortion and the straw man fallacy.



Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Everyone I know still talks about how unbelievable it all is,Not just Evangelicals going for and becoming completely sold out to a a man who embodies the antithesis of all that they stand for, not only the election to the Presidency of a totally unqualified clown, not only that he fundies vest this man with an anointing that makes him seem almost divine in their minds, but also the decline of Western civilization, the resurgence of racism and the seeming collapse of ordinary civilizing norms. But we need not be puzzled. it's all explained by going back to my old sociology days.There is a sociological theory, which I will discuss, that accounts for this change, That is explained by a theory in sociology of religion, the theory of "the Mazeways" by Anthony F.C. Wallace.


Screwtape Jenkins said...

I'm not necessarily endorsing this argument; just offering it for consideration:

It could be argued that abortion is akin to depraved-indifference murder, which occurs when a person engages in a reckless act that she knows *could* kill a person but engages in that reckless act anyway. (To be clear, I'm saying that having the abortion could be construed as the reckless act, not the sex act that resulted in the pregnancy.) It being depraved indifference murder would admittedly require that the person having the abortion considers it a live possibility that the fetus is a person, but I would think that's the case for a not insignificant number of people who have abortions.