Friday, August 04, 2017

A White House Bible Study: Oh, Horrors!

I have numerous objections to the Trump administration. This is not one of them.


Nick said...

Real Christians have few or no objections to the Trump administration. "Numerous" objections makes you highly suspect.

Kevin said...


According to your profile, you are anti-religious. What do you know about being a "real Christian"?

Stop trolling.

Victor Reppert said...

I would think that someone interested in national security, Republican or Democrat, would have a great objection to the fact that our election system was hacked, the intelligence community is unanimous as to who did it, and our President covers for the perpetrators and not only attempts to block efforts to find out if someone colluded, but refuses to make the slightest effort to make sure it never, ever happens again.

I would think someone interested in logical consistency, liberal or conservative, would have a great objection to a President who pushes the House of Representatives to pass a health care law, then calls it mean to the Senators and asks them to pass a bill with more "heart."

I would think that anyone interested in logical consistency would have an objection to a President who says during the campaign that he wants to pass a health bill that will cover everyone, calling it an "un-Republican thing to say," and then endorses a bill that will kick millions of people out of their health coverage.

Real Christians should have a problem with a President who goes on as many vacations in a few months as Obama did in a whole term, and takes them to one of his own resorts, where he uses the taxpayers' dime to enrich his own businesses.

And real Christians are going to have big problems with a President who brags about committing either most or all of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Kevin said...

Nick was trolling, don't rise to the bait.

Victor Reppert said...

Do not feed...... I get it.

David Duffy said...

Dr Reppert,

I read the news every morning. Can you explain the term "our election system was hacked." What part of the election system was hacked? I can't find it in the news. I keep reading what you said "the election was hacked" without details (unless you are referring to John David Podesta'a emails).

Can you tell me who colluded with who and what the collusion accomplished? I honestly don't understand the details of the accusation. How did Russia outdo Secretary Clinton's support from great American institutions like Hollywood, Madison Ave, the NEA, and billion dollar donors? I honestly don't get it. What was Russia's message?

Real Christians are skeptical of all politicians, especially amoral secularist like Trump and the Clintons.