Friday, May 13, 2011

What the **** happened to my post

On hoping for universalism.


BenYachov said...

It was eaten by Azathoth? Or maybe John Loftus?

Shame too...I love the opportunity to bag on Theistic Personalism & Rah Rah Classic Theism whenever I get the chance.

brenda said...

Obviously God disapproves.

Anonymous said...


We all know you do.

Bilbo said...

My last post also disappeared. Perhaps it was a blogger thing.

Victor Reppert said...

Blogger was down for repairs yesterday. I wanted to post but couldn't.

Jason Pratt said...

Maybe Google (or another search engine) archived it? It could be restored from that.


Argh, no such luck.

Fortunately, I still have everyone's comments archived in my email from after the last time I posted yesterday. (None of mine unfortunately, or anything prior. Mostly they were from James.)

Does anyone else have archived email alerts on the thread? We could reconstitute a lot of it from that.


Jason Pratt said...

Note: Triablogue (for reasons of their own) sometimes quotes with some fullness from Victor's threads. Someone could check over there, too.


Bilbo said...

Vic: I wanted to post but couldn't.


Crude said...

Blogger all messed up

Crude said...

I said no such thing.

Anyway, I guess we can say this much: All people may be saved. All comments? Not so much.

Ha ha.

Jason Pratt said...

Well, I've heard that all other things will be passing away, but these three things shall not be passing away: Faith, Hope and Love. "Comments", not on the list. {g}


Maul P. said...

If the comments don't come back I take that to falsify universalist readings of the "restoration of all things."

GREV said...

Paul -- I bow before your brilliant comment -- truly you have the last word!

Gregory said...

Some ideas might be too "dangerous" to entertain in the blog-o-sphere these days. So, I became inspired to write this little poem called:

"An Ode to Censorship"

Of all the things to say
And of all that's now been said
Matters little, or matters too much
In the little censors head

So take away our words, hooray!!
But remember it with sorrow
For the mouths you gag today will mean--
Your own mouth gagged tomorrow.

Joel said...

Jason, I'm curious: how do you, as the resident trinitarian universalist, feel about Love Wins?

Jason Pratt said...


It's... complicated. {wry g}

My official-but-humorously-overshort review of it (same thread):

"I was impressed with some of it, and even thought some parts were brilliant. I was also vastly disappointed with other parts. Some parts were meh. I think it’s a useful book, and I’m glad we have it. I also don’t blame his opponents for trying to lynch him in regard to some things. The end."

Technically it's mediocre at best. Of course he wasn't aiming to reach that kind of audience; but this didn't stop him from dissing his opponents pretty strongly in his preface.

I thought Dr. Michael Horton (from Westminster Seminary) put it well during his brief interview on the Dave Pagitt show a month or so ago: “There’s a tendency to stir up the hornet’s nest, and then when the bees come out to analyze what’s been done, to play the martyr.” “My critique was an engagement! I feel honored when someone takes the time to read one of my books!--and for the most part gets me right and disagrees with me!” “I think people need to develop a thicker skin when they’re going to stir things up, and interact with people who disagree with them.”

(The guest host, Tony Jones, though more sympathetic to Rob's position, totally agreed: “That’s a valid critique of the ‘emergent’ movement, that too often leaders are willing to throw theological grenades and then not be around to do the cleanup work, show their footnotes, show their work.” Rob doesn’t show the math, leaving critics (pro or con) having to read between the lines.)

I have a lot of good things to say about his book; but my critique, bluntly put, is that Rob (in the book) often cheats in order to avoid acknowledging any credit to his opposition. This bothers me gravely, and it has from the first day he started his promotional tour.


Jason Pratt said...

Paul: {{If the comments don't come back I take that to falsify universalist readings of the "restoration of all things."}}

Not that I would use this as evidence pro or con; but amusingly, Blogger has now somehow restored all the comment in that thread. {g}

Must've been in time for the Rapture today... {lol}