Friday, May 13, 2011

The History that Didn't Repeat This Time.

HT: Ken Samples

Classic NBA History

Boston Celtics History:
65 NBA Seasons
21 Finals Appearances
17 NBA Titles

Minneapolis-Los Angeles Lakers History:
65 NBA Seasons
31 Finals Appearances
16 NBA Titles

Head-To-Head in the Finals 12 Times:
Celtics 9
Lakers 3

As for me, Anybody But the Heat. 


B. Prokop said...

Is this yet more evidence that the world will indeed end on the 21st?

Blue Devil Knight said...

Very sad about the Celtics blowing it against the Heat. The Heat, I hate to say it, were just the better team this year.

Unknown said...

Mavs. Dirk deserves a ring.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Yes, go Dallas! love to see them take down the mail-order team from Miami.

Unknown said...

We all know that Dallas was the real champion of '06, anyway. :) It's time to make things right!

Anonymous said...

I think Rick Carlyle (once head coach of the Pistons) has made Dallas a more defensive-minded team, which might be enough to propel them to a championship. I'd like to see Nowitzki finally get a ring. I don't know if he's a "top 10" all time, but he's certainly a great one. -- Bilbo, in anonymous mode.

Kenneth Samples said...

What happened to the dangerous idea that the NBA is conspiring to get the Lakers and Celtics in the Finals?

Another conspiracy theory bites the dust. What's next? Oswald really did kill Kennedy?

Victor Reppert said...

It's worse than that. Looks like he acted alone.