Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What is it like to ban abortion

This New York Times magazine article talks about some countries, like El Salvador, that do ban it.


Anonymous said...

About as applicable a look with regards to banning it in the US as looking at North Korea's health care system to see how this whole "socialized medicine" thing works out.

Shackleman said...

If we changed just ONE fact in the anecdotal case in this article, would it still tug on the heartstrings in favor of the mother, instead of the child? Keep all details the same---except replace the fetus at 4 months of development (http://health.msn.com/pregnancy/slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=100182842&imageindex=4) with that of a born baby of 4 months old. So imagine all these facts in this case are the *same*

-Relatively happy mother
-Already mother of a 7 year old
-No rape
-No incest
-No real reason to kill the child except that it would sort of be an inconvenience and the Grandma doesn't want the child in the house.

So, even knowing the risks involved that she might go to jail for 30 years and thereby leave her 7 years old without a Mom at home, she takes the 4 month old baby to some shady "doctor" and watches as the baby is hacked to death with a wire hanger.

It's gruesome. I know. But don't blame me---I changed no facts here except ONE---I increased the age of the child by a **MERE** 9 months. All the rest remains the same.

What would we say then? Would we still be appalled at all of the subsequent details in the story? Would we be appalled that the mother, as a result of HER act, became nearly deathly ill from infection? Would we still feel agony at the idea of her going to jail for a long time?

I want to know, how do *you* (anyone) cast the difference between infanticide and abortion? Why are you (anyone) an advocate for the mother in this case? A healthy, employed, willing participant in the creation of this child, decides that there would be certain inconveniences associated with having a second child, and therefore decides to have someone brutally kill it?

I just don't understand why the mother is given so much sympathy in this case. I'm not staking a claim about their law---I think their law is inhumane, un-Christian, ridiculous, and an outrage. But why in THIS case....abortion because of inconvenience....do some agonize for the mother?