Thursday, May 27, 2010

Critical Game 5

The Suns try to take it to LA's home court, and they have to get one either in this game or in game 7. It's odd how home court means a lot in some series and not in others. Over in the Eastern Conference, three of the five games have been won by visitors.

For the first time, there seems to be some serious doubt about who the winner will face in the Finals. Two Celtics got concussions, and the Celtics can't afford to play with a short bench.

In the Finals series the Suns played against the Chicago Bulls in 1993, only one game was won at home, and six were won by the visitors.


Robert said...

Hello Victor,

We had a big lead on you guys and let it get close. Then you lucked out with that three point **bank shot**. Fortunately Artest came up with the put back. The Lakers are in good position now, they can close out the Suns on Saturday and if needed have the seventh game at home. I believe that it will end on Saturday, but we will see.


Blue Devil Knight said...

dangit so close for the suns

Victor Reppert said...

I think the Suns have a good chance to defend their building on Saturday. But Game 7 will be uphill in LA.

No one would have expected Kobe to rush his shot, or to shoot an air ball. J-Rich was looking at the rim instead of boxing out Artest.

It would be interesting to see the statistics on overtime games that result from a double-digit fourth quarter comeback. For some reason, I seem to remember a lot of wins by teams that were leading, as opposed to the comeback team. You would think the team with the momentum would carry it into overtime, but it doesn't always work like that.