Monday, May 17, 2010

Suns versus the Lakers

The Suns are battling the LA Lakers. The Lakers just got their first lead.


Victor Reppert said...


Blue Devil Knight said...

Sorry but they looked horrible. Bummer, Nash is my favorite non-Celtic player.

Victor Reppert said...

The Suns didn't even make the Laker big men guard the three-line.

The funny thing is, when the Spurs and Suns played on '07, the winner pretty much walked through the rest of the playoffs.

The Lakers have become monstrous since they traded absolutely nothing for Pau Gasol.

Blue Devil Knight said...

Last night they played well offensively, but how do you beat a team that scores 120 points when your gameplan involves so little serious defense?

Victor Reppert said...

Well, for starters you can stop doubling Kobe Bryant. OK, he scores 40. What good does that do it everyone else pumps in a lot of points.

If the Suns don't learn that lesson, the Celtics will. They cut his scoring by 19 points, and the teams scoring by 4 points.

Hill and Dudley are the best defenders on the team. Put one of them on Kobe at all times.

Anonymous said...

When a team starts bombing threes against a tough inside, there's no hope