Saturday, January 02, 2010

William Lane Craig on Middle Knowledge and the Inspiration of Scripture

How can God make us free, and yet guarantee the inerrancy of Scritpure? (Or Papal Infallibility, for that matter). William Lane Craig thinks that Middle Knowledge will help.


unkleE said...

"How can God make us free, and yet guarantee the inerrancy of Scripture?"

Craig doesn't actually use the concept of inerrancy (unless I missed it in the fine print), but more simply inspiration and authority:

"The Church has traditionally affirmed that the Bible is inspired by God and is therefore God’s Word to mankind, authoritative in all that it teaches."

It may be argued that the one flows from the others, but this isn't necessarily so.

bossmanham said...

Craig does believe the Bible is inerrant.

Steven Carr said...

God allegedly knows what every logically possible creature would choose to do in every logically possible world.

God knows exactly what Batman would freely choose to do as he chased the Joker around Gotham City, if God had decided to actualise the world with Batman and the Joker in it.

According to Craig, it is a definite fact what Batman and the Joker would choose to do, and God could reveal it to him , if God wished to do so.