Monday, January 25, 2010

Here is Lewis's The Abolition of Man

Perhaps this will shed light on my discussion of "fact and opinion." I suspect intellectual rat poison is being given to our children when they are taught these little "fact and opinion" exercises starting as early as the fourth grade.


Anonymous said...

this is random, but i wanted to see what you'd think of the categories of arguments against God as listed in this video:

the video was compiled by a group of (really intelligent, in my opinion) atheists in response to a group of theists. how would you reply to the charge that God is indefinable or incoherent?

Jesse said...

Finney, I don't have the means to watch the video at the moment but I suspect by "incoherent" they mean unimaginable, or unpicturable. If that's the case, well, duh! He is not unthinkable, however, which is a case that rests upon the distinction between the imagination and the intellect. Here's an excellent article to make that case: