Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are Christians more Likely to Go to Prison?

This has been contended, but, according to Metacrock, not without considerable fudging of the data.


DeanAZ said...

I think you are much more likely to find Christians in prison, ministering to the troubled souls, leading Bible studies, and seeking to rehabilitate through the power of Christ.

Anonymous said...

In his book, Exploring the Religious Life, sociologist Rodney Stark shows that religious affiliation correlates with being less likely to be arrested, but only in Eastern Europe where the conception of God focuses more on his power than grace.

Also, the same is true in America only where there is a religious community versus Christians in a mostly secular environment.

Anonymous said...

Christians are more likely to vote for politicians and propositions that put more people in jail who would otherwise not have been there, and to allocate more public money to prisons than to education and the social safety nets that would prevent such a huge proportion of the population from going to prison.