Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rupert Loydell responds to Miller's book on Narnia


Anonymous said...

Can someone give me an example of Lewis' "racism?"

Victor Reppert said...

Well, those Calormenes had darker skin that Narnians and had an Arabic culture. Therefore, Lewis is a racist. He also hates it when girls grow up and get interested in boys, as proven by the fact that Susan went to Hay-ull at the end of The Last Battle.

She didn't go to hell?? Really??

Anonymous said...

Is this the same racist Lewis who had a Narnian man and a Calormene woman interracially marry?

The same racist Lewis who said that he was afraid of space travel because he has seen how the white has treated the black man?

The same racist Lewis who praised the abolition of the slave trade?

Geez, what a creep!

Anonymous said...


that should have been "racist" creep!