Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A review of Boyd's Satan and the Problem of Evil

From the Evangelical Theological Society


Gordon Knight said...

The review was not very helpful, though i did learn that the reviewer does not like philosophy and thinks open theism is "eccentric." The reviewer indicates a dislike for Boyd's positions, but gives no arguments, which explains the dislike of philosophy.

Perezoso said...

The existence of apparent evil something that the naive atheist tends to overlook. The existence of God may be unlikely. A satanic power, however, might exist: that may seem farfetched, but Bertrand Russell himself speculated along those lines.

That said, even Dante considered religious hypocrites among the most evil humans. The Malebolge is full of religious hypocrites, corrupt priests and bishops. The usual blasphemer--whores, pimps, thieves, sodomites, etc.--are quite a few floors above Malebolge, pretty comfy compared to the simonical pope (or Caiaphas, the jewish judge who supposedly sentenced JC), or...The Prophet. Then conservative macho men like Ulysses and Diomedes are not in a great place either.

Even secularists, skeptics and a-theists might find something of interest in the Old wives' tales of Inferno, however.