Monday, June 05, 2006

Craig vs. Ehrman: Get it here!

William Lane Craig wrote:

Since Ehrman is not permitting the publication of this
debate, could you help to make this address known,
perhaps providing such a link at any websites you are
involved with?



Bill: Would be more than happy to do so!


Steven Carr said...

Perhaps you can post my debate on the resurrection of the flesh against Canon Michael Cole on Premier Christian Radio on 15/04/2006? is the link. It is 30 Megabytes so be careful about downloading it.

'All flesh is grass' 1 Peter 1:24

Steven Carr said...

Craig seemed to me to duck the question of evidence of other miracles.

The 'evidence' of miracles seems just as strong as the evidence for the miracles of Jesus :-

Josephus's 'Wars of the Jews' was written with ten years of the events , by a direct participant , and he records eyewitness testimony - 'I suppose the account of it would seem to be a fable, were it not related by those that saw it' . He is referring to a heifer giving birth to a lamb in the middle of the Temple.

Does Craig believe a cow gave birth to a lamb, in a work written within ten years of the event?

Surely this is just as well
attested as the raising of the widow of Nain's son.

In the 'Histories' by Tacitus, he records that the Emperor Vespasian cured blindness with spittle and cured lameness. Tacitus writes ' Persons actually present attest both facts, even now when nothing is to be gained by falsehood.'

Does Craig believe Tacitus's reports, based on eyewitness testimony, and attributed by him to the god Serapis?

Does Craig believe Tacitus is just as reliable an historian when talking about Jesus, as when he was talking about Vespasian?

In Mark 8:23-26, Jesus cures blindness, partly by spitting on someone's eyes. Does Craig believe him?

In the Histories, Tacitus also records that a priest of the god Serapis, Basilides, was seen by Vespasian in the Temple, although Vespasian knew , and checked by sending horsemen to verify, that a moment earlier Basilides had been in a town some eighty miles distant.

Does Craig believe Tacitus, reporting the eyewitness testimony of the hard-headed Emperor/Soldier Vespasian?

In Acts 8:39-40, Philip was 'caught up' (same verb as in 2 Corinthians 12 where Paul is 'caught up' into the third heaven) on the road to Gaza and reappears at Azotus.

Does Craig believe Philip, like the pagan priest Basilides, transported from place to place like a character from Star Trek?

Christians often deride the stories in the Book of Mormon and the Koran as being blatantly copied from other religious works?

See where exactly the same techniques can be used to show that the miracles of Jesus are the product of the same sort of plagiarism of other , older stories.