Friday, June 23, 2006

A Christian skate time at the rink? No way

HT: Ray Schneider. What do you all think of this case?


Lippard said...

I think it is perfectly legitimate for a private business to have a "Christian skate time." They should be able to play Christian music all the time, have Christian iconography as part of their decor, and hand out Bibles at the front door, if they choose. I think the First Amendment's free exercise clause should protect them, and the ACLU should be willing to back this business up.

Only if they actively denied admission to non-Christians should they fall afoul of the cited law.

Mike Darus said...

This is nuts. They are not checking ID's at the door for denominational affiliation! They are playing Christian music. It is no more of a constitutional issue than a Country Music night or a Hip Hop night. The skate rink is advertising what genre of music people will skate to. I can guarantee, however, that the ACLU will not be defending the skate rink.