Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why Christianity is evil

Really. This is for connoisseurs of sheer nonsense.


Anonymous said...


Please refrain from creating offensive websites that attack various cultures, religions, or races. These comments, though in conjunction with the freedom of speech, can be deemed as "internet pollution" and will be erased if not ceased voluntarily. The national government, in collaboration with 28 other developed countries, are fully capable of tracing down to the creator of the website. Consequences are severe to those who refuse to cooperate with international online cleansing. You have 7 days to repeal this website.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your regional United Nations Counselate Online Tranquility Subdivision. Thank you for your time, and will appreciate your cooperation. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

The Government has no right over what anyone posts, as long as it is not against the law. If you want to stop internet pollution, shut down the pop-up ad sites.

Anonymous said...

The government is anoymous? Wow what a shock! LOL

To call christianity evil is to state that a particular set of ideas creates corruption, in what way can this harm anyone? Only humans who are completely irrational could construe such as comment to be indicitive of violence or hate.

That being said, christianity is definitely evil. To paraphrase their own idiot, "A poisonus plant does not bare juicy health apples"
All of these religions that constrict mankinds natural desire to be peaceful loving nuturing sexual beings are bringing this world to it's end.

lxemergency said...

The problem with things such as this that the only apples that's looked at are the bad ones.

There's also plenty acts of human kindness that were performed because people were motivated by the principles they were taught in Christianity. The Bad apples just stick out more it seems.

Problem with analyses such as this is that it's not an objective view. The man started on a premisis (sp?): Christianity is Evil.

And from there on he went looking for points to proove this statement.

Now if he'd have said "Let's have a look at whether Christianity is good or Evil and then started looking for fact it'd be a completely different ballgame.

Conclusion...not a very impressive argument or article. VERY Bias and placed under what seems like false pretenses.

Anonymous said...

"I have witnessed about 7 circumcisions and they made me feel quite ill."

Were they catholics?.. Did you happen to witness what the nun and priest do to the baby just after circumcision?.. It took a lot of depth memory exploration for me to finally see the memories of what the nun and priest did to me behind a locked door... They held a frightening grotesque porcelain wall plaque in front of me of their "chopped-out christ's sacred heart with a wreath of bleeding thornes", then the nun applied an anesthetic soaked bit of gauze on my extremely painful freshly skinned penis, and they covered my head with a piece of thin cloth, but a wrinkle let me see some of what they were doing... The priest bent over me, and pressed his lips over my penis a moment... That's how they infect a baby with their cosmic worm "Opus-d Virus"... THOSE CATHOLICS ARE TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY INSANE EVIL, doing those vile things to millions of our babies all around the world, to perpetuate their insane fagot religion money-sucking/penis-sucking scam...
Those EVIL DEMONS should NOT be permitted to get even Near Our Precious Babies...

WAKE UP WORLD! THOSE VILE DEMONS ARE SEXUALLY MOLESTING YOUR BABIES... No wonder humanity has gone Insane, and is trying to make peace with wars... Christianity is a DISEASE...

Anonymous said...

Who is attacking anything? Christianity is provably evil even according to the bible used to support it. According to the bible Paganism is detestable to God, basically that means evil because God detests evil.
According to Paganism, a person born between a human mother and a god for a father dies for the sins of people and gets crucified and resurrected. This is true about numerous Pagan Gods, INCLUDING JESUS, Hercules, Dionysus...
This comes from older Sun worship.
The Sun follows a celestial clock called the zodiac. At different times of the year it rises in different constellations. Virgo (the virgin) is the constellation the Sun rises in at the Winter Equinox when we have our shortest day. The Virgo constellation is also known as "the house of bread" literally the meaning of Bethlehem. On Dec 22, the Equinox, the Sun seems to stay in one place for 3 days until the 25th when it begins to move forward for longer days to begin. Directly above this frozen sun is a set of stars called the crux. They are shaped like a cross. As the sun rises on Dec 25th, the 3 kings align with the north star in a straight line pointing at the sun. They "follow the bright star to the Sun of man."

It can be seen that the Sun is revered through out history by nearly all religion, and often personified. It gives warmth and light, is responsible for the growth of plants, which feed other life, essentially necessary for all life on Earth. If Jesus even lived at all he was certainly not God, and not born on the 25th, or crucified. Besides the Messiah is meant to live long and bring great prosperity to all. Jesus was from a cursed family line Jeconiah, and did not meet the requirement of being a descendant of David through Solomon. Also he failed to accomplish any of the tangible changes predicted in the bible.
If there is a God, he used evolution to make man over time. The Earth is in fact 4.3 billion years old, not 6000. Even the Great pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx prove that it is at least 13,000 years old. The Old testament stories of Origin and original sin are adapted or misremembered plagiarisms from the Kolbrin religious writings: Moses and all of his family were taught while raised in Egypt. There is mountains of facts and observations that easily display Christianity to be like any other religion. If there is a God all religion must be talking about the SAME god, and since they are all differing dogmas, then they are either all true at the same time, or all false at the same time. This is because God having created all of everything in his image and likeness, lays his signature on everything. Therefor God is readily knowable by anyone. So if anyone could know God then anyone could know God. If Everyone claims to know God but sees him differently, then God is impervious to clear human perception, therefor no human knows God perfectly. In all truth, before you can assert that anyone should know your God, you should practice such open-mindedness of every other choice in religious belief, and read all those books too, or perhaps you should start by reading your own holy divinely inspired book of contradiction and manipulations. If you don't want to be evil then stop stepping on the rights of humans, and evangelizing, especially with fear tactics. Stop seeking to control the governments of the world, let America be secular so that we can have equality for all. Bombing abortion clinics and lobbying to ban gay marriage is evil. Molesting children is evil.
Killing people who don't believe that Jesus is God is EVIL.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, if you're going to invent fake divisions of the United Nations, then at least spell consulate correctly.