Sunday, February 26, 2006

Doug Gresham on abortion

Doug Gresham, C. S. Lewis's stepson, reported this on abortion.

To anyone interested :

The Researches of various entities, collated by the International
Institute of Pregnancy Loss and Child Abuse Research and Recovery,
which finished its preliminary work a couple of years ago, indicated
that the differential in suicide numbers in young mothers who
aborted their infants and those who carried to term and delivered
their babies and kept them is 75%. In other words carrying to term
and keeping your baby would be a sort of anti-psychotic treatment in
prevention of suicide in young mothers with a 75% success rate.
Pretty darn good I reckon.

On the other hand, abortion would carry a 75% higher risk of causing
abortion in the young mothers who suffer it. Can't really see the FDA
authorising a so-called treatment with that kind of result, can you?

Blessings all,

Doug (G) (Travelling currently as usual).


Lippard said...

1. I believe he meant to write "abortion would carry a 75% higher risk of causing *suicide*", not "causing abortion."

2. Gresham seems to prematurely draw an inference of cause from correlation.

Jimmy Licon said...

That is a pretty weak correlation to causation relationship.

Besides, it has nothing to do with the morality of abortion! Morally permissible acts may raise suicide rates or not!

Anonymous said...

Who did this research? Where can it be found?

Jason Pratt said...

Not that I'm a big fan of abortion, but that may be the most incoherent thing I've ever seen written about it.

Anonymous said...

Seems pretty telling to me. If you murder an unborn child, what else can you expect but that you'll take on a bent more sympathetic to suicide???

Edwardtbabinski said...

Obviously "the answer" is for every man and woman on earth to not "get in the way" of nature's/God's wish for mankind to fill the earth, to hell with every non-human species and habitat into which we continue to intrude our homes and wastes (raining down acid raid on the oceans according to the cover of Scientific American). To heck with also wondering where all the food and jobs will also come from--to support all those extra people.

Then once the whole world is filled with humans and their wastes, GOD can step in and abort the whole planet once and for all, instead of all these little independent abortions and suicides that everyone's so concerned about.

Hey, doesn't anyone worry about the fact that the Catholic church (the largest denomination by far of all Christianities), continues trying to ban/strongly discourage, not only abortions but birth control in the world's most populous continents and countries, like Africa, Mexico, and South America?

Muslims don't consider abortion acceptable either, and don't practice much birth control, or, do they? And their burgeoning populations of disenfranchised poor are of course no problem for the countries of the Middle East at all, right?

Yup, this abortion thing definitely is the most important issue of all, and it must be stopped round the world. God says so.

The same God who would just as soon drown every living thing but eight people, and command his own people to kill "every living thing" including infants in certain cities, and then turns around and even hits his own people with plagues, famines, destruction and death, and wrathfully flings the rest into a lake of fire that burn forever. (Makes you wonder what a stain such acts would leave on the character of "the devil," let alone "God.")