Friday, February 17, 2006

A Calvinist dating service-From John Depoe's site. And a couple of slogans from me

From John's site: I received the following entertaining e-mail from a close source who wishes to remain anonymous. The writer is responding to yesterday's post on the Calvinist dating service. This comes from a friend with whom I regularly correspond, so don't get any funny ideas about sending me hilarious rants.
I wanted to email you anyway, so I thought I'd use a slice of the Calvinist dating service as a segue. I found especially ironic the following line:

"The first 300 members to join will be totally free. After that, you may still join free but to contact others one must be a subscriber. Join us, won't you??"

If I were pitching the service, I wouldn't be able to resist including the tag line: "Well, maybe not TOTALLY free..." Or better yet, instead of the second sentence, you could include: "After that, you may still join free but in a qualified, compatibilist sense that is still fully consistent with divine justness!"

No matter. I think my Molinist-Calvinist hybrid view disqualifies me from being involved. That and the fact that I'm married.

I added: Hey John, a Calvinist dating service sounds like a good idea, but they need a couple of good slogans. How about

You can't say no to Irresistible Grace!

Don't give her roses, give her TULIPs!


Lisa said...

My friend's boyfriend totally gave her tulips one time and she was commenting how pretty they were. He then said "yeah see, where you see flowers, I see theology." He went on to explain that he bought her tulips because he is such a calvinist. Ha!

I just stumbled onto your site when looking for the calvinst dating service which another friend mentioned in his blog.

rocky said...

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Elwin said...

I was saved by grace an not of myself,I assumre i am a calvanist, im looking for a woma who is also saved by grace, is there a site like that anywhere?

Thomas said...

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