Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Benedict XVI on Genesis 1:1

A redated post.

Who is apparently not a young earth creationist.


Anonymous said...

Bob Prokop writing:

Once again, I am reminded of why I am a Catholic.

Shackleman said...

This is truly fine stuff. I remember when I brought in the Pope's book; "Jesus of Nazareth" into my Lutheran Adult Sunday School---I was nearly thrown out!!

I jest, but everyone did look at me with great suspicion and some with scorn :-)

Their loss....Pope Benedict XVI awesomely inspires me and teaches me through his writings.

B. Prokop said...

Sometime earlier this week, I passed the probable halfway point in writing my latest book, Observing the Nearest Stars (anticipated completion: fall this year). I go into ridiculous detail describing a the neighboring parts of our galaxy, known to be billions of years old, and which likely has trillions (yes, that's with a "t") yet to go. I am also a Catholic Christian, who reads the Bible daily (usually just before bed), and sees zero conflict (zip, nada, zilch, nichego, bupkis) between what I learn from scientific observation (in my case, astronomy) and from Sacred Scripture. I have little (maybe even no) patience with people (on both sides) who say there is any conflict.

One of the funniest t-shirts I saw at that recent atheist rally in Australia said, "Too stupid for science? Try religion!" I am reminded of the passage in the NT, where Jesus tells supposed supporters of His, "I never knew you". Dollars to doughnuts that the person wearing that t-shirt couldn't research his way out of a paper bag, yet he smugly and ignorantly flaunts a make-believe membership in "science" which he's done nothing to deserve. And all the while, countless genuine scientists around the world are serenely comfortable in their Faith, because they KNOW that science and revelation are two equally legitimate paths to the one and only truth.

The real closed-minded people today are those who accept "science" (on Faith, by the way, unless they themselves are a scientist), yet reject Faith (on no rational grounds whatsoever).

Jim S. said...

I am also a Catholic Christian, who reads the Bible daily

Wow. The whole thing?

B. Prokop said...

It normally takes about a year to get through the whole thing. (It wouldn't take so long, except I so often some across a passage that makes me think so much that I don't get any further that day) I usually read the RSV/CE (with all 73 books), but this year I decided to read the KJV cover to cover for a change.