Monday, May 14, 2012

Douglas Gresham on C. S. Lewis


B. Prokop said...

"From [C.S. Lewis] I learned a ... a delight in weather, from roaring winds to calm stillness, from pouring rain to bright sunshine"

Me too. To this day, I owe my equal enjoyment of all weather, be it rain, sun, clouds, fog, or thunder and lightning, to reading almost 50 years ago the passage in That Hideous Strength where Jane is taught to how love all weather. Those few paragraphs changed my whole life, and I am forever grateful to Lewis for writing them.

David B Marshall said...

A good article, and I've always loved the story of the encounter with the gun. But I don't at all believe Gresham's claim that his mother was better-read than CSL, still less the ridiculous claim that she had read everything he had. One merely needs to read the bibliography to his OHEL book to recognize how absurd that is.