Friday, November 02, 2018

The only absolute is that there are no absolutes. Really???

If there are no absolutes, then the statement "There are no absolutes" contradicts that statement if you call it an absolute. No absolutes means no absolutes. I suppose you could say that there is one absolute, and that is that there are no absolutes other than that one. Of course I am assuming that a statement and its contradictory cannot both be true, and am taking that to be an absolute. But if you have a problem with the law of noncontradiction, then you and I are going to have trouble communicating. If you say "You shouldn't judge people" and I say "I don't see anything wrong with judging people," you really have nothing to say back to me, because, per your rejection of the law of noncontradiction, you and I haven't really disagreed. Every statement, in order to so much as function has to exclude something that it contradicts. 


Starhopper said...

By coincidence, I am currently reading a very interesting book by atheist astronomer Alan Lightman, Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine. It is actually one of the finest presentations of the atheist case I have ever come across, but it founders on the rock of "No Absolutes". He actually repeats that statement over and over again in the book. He says (with conviction) that there are no absolutes, only a mutating changeable material world that is forever shifting under our feet and cannot be pinned down. And by that means, he manages to explain (to his own satisfaction if to no one else's) phenomena such as consciousness, morality, awe and wonder, and music.

Well presented, but totally unconvincing (to me, at least).

bmiller said...

The LNC states that 2 contradictory statements cannot both be true at the same time and the same sense.

So I could say "I am blue" and "I am not blue" and not be contradicting myself. If I meant my mental state in the first instance and my color in the second.

Similarly, I might say "I weighed myself and I was 180 lbs" and "I weighed myself and I was not 180 lbs" and not be contradicting myself....if I weighed myself at different times.

There. My 2 cents.

Kevin said...

According to Occam's Razor, you should not use Occam's Razor.

williambli92982 said...

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