Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Is it wrong to hunt witches?

If you really thought that some people were using supernatural power from Satan to harm people, and you could figure out who those people were, you probably would want to punish them. Good methods of identification seem hard to find, (putting someone on scales with a duck won't get you a fair cop).

On witch hunts, here. 


Kevin said...

If we assume the premise of there being such witches and that we should seek them, the quality of the trials and the "tests" women were required to undergo to prove their innocence were appallingly wicked. They assumed her guilt, they were often lethal even in an "innocent" verdict, and successful "passing" of a test could be dismissed as a trick or even as evidence that the accused was a witch of great skill so as to defeat the test.

So regardless of the moral scope of believing in and hunting witches, their trials were pure evil.

bmiller said...

When I hunt for witches what do I use?

Why Witchipedia of course. Much easier than lurking in graveyards at midnight.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

O thought you just used Republican rhetoric.

bmiller said...

That's only effective on Republican witches :-)