Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Where were you?

Alan Jackson's famous song is here.  I know where I was. I was in the shower. My wife came in, and I thought she was just trying to tell me to hurry up. Then I learned that the unimaginable had happened.


Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

O'll tell you, I was on the net arguing with atheists on CARM, where else?

Starhopper said...

I was in England at RAF High Wycombe. Because of time zone difference, the attacks occurred in the afternoon, Greenwich Mean Time. The news was very spotty (I was busy preparing for a major British military exercise to be held in Oman) and full of wild rumor. For instance, for much of the day, we were hearing of (nonexistent) attacks in Philadelphia and of truck bombs in D.C. I didn't get the full story until the next morning, in the newspapers.

By sheer coincidence, we had just arranged for the deployment of a squadron of reconnaissance aircraft to Oman (as part of the planned exercise). Within 24 hours, we had these spy planes flying up and down the Pakistan/Afghan border, collecting intelligence on the Taliban and Al Qaeda - the first assets to do so.