Friday, September 21, 2018

What's wrong with the world (of Christian apologetics)

Here.  By Randal Rauser.


World of Facts said...

"50/50 rule: devote as much time to (a) defending the beliefs of your opponents and critiquing your own beliefs as you devote to (b) critiquing the beliefs of your opponents and defending your own beliefs."

Love that

Kevin said...

Just imagine what politics would be like if everyone was as concerned, if not more, with policing their own side's failures rather than ignoring them, and blowing the slightest appearance of misdeed from the other side into cosmic failures worthy of tar and feathers.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

He's right, Most atheists sites suck but they have the secular outpost,there is no Christian analogue.

Kevin said...

Hey Victor, since you don't have a post on this already, I picked this one as the closest topic.

Beto O'Rourke, opponent of Ted Cruz in the Senate election, was in an accident due to drunk driving, which could easily have killed someone, and then tried to leave the scene.

Do you believe it is a moral duty to not vote for O'Rourke because of this serious lapse in judgment, thereby guaranteeing a Cruz win? Or is political consideration more important than behavior?

And on a similar note, if ignoring a drunk driving incident that is factually known to have happen is ethically sound based on how long ago it occurred, should similar dismissal be used in the case of Brett Kavanaugh, over mere accusations with no corroborating evidence to support them?

And finally, if you believe Kavanaugh's accusers and believe he should withdraw, do you believe Keith Ellison's accuser and think he should withdraw?

One Brow said...

Legion of Logic,

To my understanding, O'Rourke has acknowledged his error, and discussed how it affected him and the changes he made because of it. This does not apply to Ellison nor to Kavanaugh.

I would vote for O'Rourke over Cruz. I think the Senate should vote down Kavanaugh. I think the DNC should ask Ellison to step down from his position in the party. I don't know enough about Ellison's opponent to sayhow I would vote, but it would have to be white-nationalist bad for me to not vote for her over Ellison.

Victor Reppert said...

That reasoning would have prevented George W. Bush from being elected, although he acknowledged it.

I think the Senate has the duty to take its time in getting the best information they can about the Kavanaugh case from the FBI et all, and not be intimidated by a political deadline. If there is good evidence against Kavanaugh, that is disqualifying since he is denying it, and if it is true, he is perjuring himself. Al Franken was forced to resign from his Senate seat because of allegations against him. A number of claims of this nature, including some claims of Bill Cosby-ish behavior, seem to be on their way to coming out.

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

Metacrock's blog

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