Monday, June 18, 2018

This foreign religion will destroy America

Before there was a Muslim ban, a over a century before Donald Trump was born, there were people concerned about a people who were from foreign countries who practiced a foreign religion, and might be dangerous to the United States of America. After all, that religion was, and has headquarters in a foreign country. It was.....The Roman Catholic Church, known to some as the Whore of Babylon. If we let those people come to America, it had better be with extreme vetting, so these people thought. Here is a song that expressed their sentiments. 


Come Uncle Sam, be "Wide Awake,"
Too long you have been sleeping,
Be on your guard, to crush the snake,
That round you has been creeping.
For it has almost charmed your eyes,
To such imprudent blindness,
That it could take you by surprise,
And crush you for your kindness.
Yankee Doodle, Wide Awake,
Be silent you should never,
Until you drive the popish snake,
From off the soil, FOREVER.
Our forefathers were "Wide Awake,"
When liberty was dawning,
They saw what foreigners would take,
And gave us timely warning.
Of foreign influence, beware;
Our Washington has told us,
And time indeed, there's none to spare,
His words they shall embold us.
Yankee Doodle, c.
Americans should be "Wide Awake,"
For surely you must know,
That for our country's own dear sake,
Each man his worth must show.
For we are free, and wont submit
To intolerance and aggression,
From papists, who from foreign lands
Come here to rule this nation.
Yankee Doodle, c.
Brave Washington bequeathed to us,
The liberty we enjoy,
Shall we not claim our rights, and thus
Prove worthy, without alloy.
For is he not the father of
The country that we love,
Shall we then stand and blush with shame,
For foreigners who disgrace the same.
Yankee Doodle, c.



SteveK said...

Except for the fact that Catholics aren't part of a foreign religion, yeah.

Starhopper said...


Then why all the prejudice against Hispanics who are, after all, overwhelmingly Catholic?

One Brow said...

SteveK said...
Except for the fact that Catholics aren't part of a foreign religion, yeah.

Not anymore. That's the point.

SteveK said...

I don’t know why some people have that prejudice.

World of Facts said...

Not sure which thread is the best to post that link, but I think many of you will find it interesting:

Tom Gilson said...

Hi Victor. I can't help wondering, Who was this Wm. C. Marion? How much influence did he or his song have? Whom did he represent? How widespread were these sentiments? You say "there were people..." but that's a tad lacking in detail.

The mere existence of a song like this mean nothing without context.

Victor Reppert said...

I have taught Religion in America a few times, and found out about the song because its lyrics were put on a page in the textbook, by Corrigan as I recall. The textbook author thought that his attitude was pretty widespread in America in the first half of the 19th Century.

This is from Wikipedia:

In the 1830s and 1840s, prominent Protestant leaders, such as Lyman Beecher and Horace Bushnell, attacked the Catholic Church as not only theologically unsound but an enemy of republican values.[20] Some scholars view the anti-Catholic rhetoric of Beecher and Bushnell as having contributed to anti-Irish and anti-Catholic pogroms.[21]

Beecher's well-known Plea for the West (1835) urged Protestants to exclude Catholics from western settlements. The Catholic Church's official silence on the subject of slavery also garnered the enmity of northern Protestants.[22] Intolerance became more than an attitude on August 11, 1834, when a mob set fire to an Ursuline convent in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The resulting "nativist" movement, which achieved prominence in the 1840s, was whipped into a frenzy of anti-Catholicism that led to mob violence, the burning of Catholic property, and the killing of Catholics.[23] This violence was fed by claims that Catholics were destroying the culture of the United States. Irish Catholic immigrants were blamed for spreading violence and drunkenness.[24]

The nativist movement found expression in a national political movement called the Know-Nothing Party of the 1850s, which (unsuccessfully) ran former president Millard Fillmore as its presidential candidate in 1856.

Yes, it is Wikipedia, but you can trace the info back to other sources for verification. It was widely believed that Al Smith's Catholicism helped defeat him for President in 1928, and as late as the 1970s I had an elderly professor at the Methodist seminary I attended state in class that had John F. Kennedy been a better Catholic, this would have been a problem for him as a President.

iwpoe said...

Victor... they were right. We are literally the largest Christian denomination in the country and Irish, German-catholic, and Italian (nevermind Hispanic) stock vastly outnumber Anglo stock who have, as predicted, been out competed by the descendants of those Catholics religiously and politically. I mean we are 1/3 of the house and 1/4 of the Senate:

We are 2/3rds of the Supreme Court:

And that's just religiously, never mind ethnically.

You may think that's not a problem, sure, but the Yankees were correct on their own terms and would be horrified. Indeed they eventually did severely limit immigration for iirc 3 decades over it. And, I mean, as a Catholic- if you want to contemplate life under a regiem that's 1/3rd Muslim (never mind what we dealt with via the Protestants) there are many living and historical examples. Maybe we can live like the Copts- that looks fun. I wonder why Somolia has no Bishop. It's not like he was beheaded in "an unfortunate accident" during Mass one day. I mean it's obviously generally a fun time for all us apostolics in Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. I see nothing for us to worry about.

We'll obviously just convert them like the Episcopalians and Presbyterians converted us....

What could go wrong?