Saturday, June 10, 2017

Party changes

America usually considers 8 years to the time to make a party change. Since WWII, we had Eisenhower (R) for two terms, and then Kennedy won a close race over Nixon. Kennedy and Johnson for two terms, and then Nixon won a close race over Humphrey. Nixon and Ford had it for 8 years, and then Carter got in for 4 years, when he lost to Reagan. Reagan was the only President to not only win twice, but successfully turn the Presidency over to his vice-President, George H. W. Bush.  Bill Clinton beat Bush in 1992, held it for 8  years, and then George W. Bush won an election despite losing the popular vote. He also had two terms, but McCain, who tried to succeed him. lost to Obama. Obama won two terms, but Hillary won the popular vote but lost the election to Trump. 
The funny thing is that evangelicals will consider correct positions on issues like abortion more important than whether the candidate's personal life fits the evangelical mold. Hillary would in some circles be viewed as a marital saint for taking her straying husband back. Trump, on the other hand, brags about lust and greed and treats them as good things. But he is on the right side on abortion (in spite of having called himself "totally pro-choice" in 1999), so a high percentage of them voted for him. 


Starhopper said...

I truly do not understand how anyone who considers himself a Christian can support this man who brags about his sexual and marital infidelities, who has profited off of vice (gambling and the sex trade), who lies practically every time he opens his mouth, who insults and degrades others (women, the disabled, immigrants, his political rivals), who mocks the sacraments, who claims he's not in need of God's forgiveness, who admits he never takes God into account in any matter of importance, who has no record of attending or supporting any church, who gives nothing to charity and then lies that he does, who is willing to shit all over God's creation, who defrauds and (let's call a spade a spade) cheats the hardworking people he does business with, who runs the White House like Don Corleone's mafia kingdom yet shows zero loyalty to anyone (even the mob bosses were loyal to "the family"), and who is almost certainly guilty of high treason... How do they do it? Why are they not utterly repulsed by this toad?

Unknown said...

Dr. Reppert,

I apologize that this comment is off-topic, but I wanted to make sure I posted somewhere you would be likely to see.

I believe the argument from reason can be adjusted and expanded to not only demonstrate the existence of God, but the existence of only one God. I believe it can further deliver a fatal blow to deism, as well as unitarianism.

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David Duffy said...

This post is pathetic. Does anyone really believe that evangelicals voted for Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, two amoral secularist, because of their morals and stand on abortion? I guess it's hard to understand why a fellow citizen might vote different than you do, but good grief, to make them that one dimensional has got to be some liberal pathology.

Rasmus Møller said...

Look, there are no good people available for any office, there are only sinners like me.

Trumps behavior makes me sick and I do not think he was the lesser evil, but I'd be arrogant to condemn those who actually did think him the lesser evil.

Being a non-US citizen my opinion doesn´t count anyway, but as a recent catholic convert it still reminds me of the flak I got for joining the RC with all the bad priests/popes etc.

I really like Obama as a public figure with great charisma, but I wonder if it is not healthier to have an obviously flawed clown as a leader. It reminds us that we live in a fallen world and that salvation does not and will not flow from the White House.