Monday, June 05, 2017

Alvin Plantinga's Achievement

On the New Atheists Plantinga writes

One might say they are more style than substance, except that there isn’t much by way of style either; their preferred  style seems to be less that of serious scholarly work than of pamphleteering and furious denunciation They blame everything short of bad weather and tooth decay on religion…Their style emphasizes venom, vitriol, vituperation, ridicule, insult and ‘naked contempt’; what’s missing, however, is cogent argument.-

The article is here. 

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David B Marshall said...

I hate to disagree with Alvin Plantinga, but in fact the New Atheists also blame Christianity for bad weather. Maybe Plantinga hasn't had the chance to delve very deeply into John Loftus' anthologies.

Tooth decay -- don't count that one out, either. I bet I could wrestle something up at least indirectly in Richard Carrier.